January 3, 2014

god doesn’t care what guitar you play #planetCCM

This piece is my third and final contribution to the #PlanetCCM synchroblog project, about how christian music has affected our lives. Read more about it here.

A few years ago, I realized that maybe God didn’t have a specific, pre-determined plan for my life. I began to distrust the Christian idea of a ‘calling’ – the idea that our vocation, or life’s purpose, is somehow destined by God. The underlying assumption for Christians who live like this, is that God had a ‘will’ for our lives which we needed to discover and follow. Every choice boiled down to whether we would obey or disobey this will.

I started to realize that my choices didn’t have to be “right” or “wrong” alone. Sometimes, there were multiple, but equally good, options. This choice takes you here, this choice takes you there. It sounds incredibly obvious, but when entrenched in evangelicalism and constantly fretting about being in God’s will, it was hard to see.

As these thoughts careened around in my soft tissue, I found myself involuntarily ‘flinching’ at Christian music stuff that hadn’t bothered me before. If I heard a band talk about God’s will (for their band, new album, tour mates, lyrics), I responded with skepticism. (more…)

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January 2, 2014

#planetCCM – constant. vigilance.

This piece is my second contribute to the #PlanetCCM synchroblog project, about how christian music has affected our lives. Read more about it here.

When I became a Christian, it wasn’t long before I threw myself headlong into the previously unknown cultural subsection knock as ‘Christian music.’ One of the primary ways being a fan of Christian bands differed from being a fan of some regular old band was that, as ‘discerning Christians,’ we music listeners had to make sure the bands and musicians were, uh, Christian. We had to consistently interrogate and investigate every artist to ensure they were ‘right with God.’

My heart would skip a beat if I heard or read a Christian artist use a mild profanity, or admit to something as evil as smoking cigarettes. (more…)

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December 31, 2013

christian rock: a complicated, personal history #planetCCM

This post is a response to the #PlanetCCM synchroblog project. Read more about it here.

My experience with Christian music is not one of a childhood and adolescence lived out in a tiny bubble, forbidden to listen to rock n roll (or, like some friends of mine, forbidden to watch shows like ‘Ghostbusters’). Mum didn’t want us watching R-rated movies or swearing; we irregularlly attended Catholic church but life was not divided between the ‘secular’ (bad) and the ‘spiritual’ (good). Courtesy of my old man, I grew up on a steady diet of classic rock. AC/DC, the Tragically Hip, Rolling Stones, and Pink Floyd provided the soundtrack for my childhood. And while I was slightly too young to understand grunge when it initially exploded, by 1995 I was all over bands like Nirvana, Smashing Pumpkins, Offspring and Soul Asylum.

I was ‘born again’ at 15, and my new charismatic Christian friends introduced me to something new: Christian rock. Here was music I, as a newly born-again teenager, could listen to guilt-free. (more…)

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October 29, 2013

New single. New video. New baby?!

The Places You’ll Go
New digital single + music video

Riding a snappy riff and poignant chorus, Ro draws from his Canadian experience to sketch the hopes & fears of every small-town kid who dared to aspire for more, and every restless soul searching for home. A quirky, catchy tune for all you dreamers.

Watch the music video on Youtube, then get the single on iTunes or Bandcamp!

Delicious sharing.
I really dig this song and think people will too! I don’t have a label or marketing team behind me so I need your help to get it out there.

YOU can help me by sharing the video or song links on your Facebook wall, Twitter, everywhere! Can we make this song a viral hit?! (maaaaybe?!)

…and one to grow on – we’re pregnant!
It’s been quite a year (and a bit) since I released my first album At Last My Dear. I’ve played more shows than ever before, juggled university, work and family, and somehow managed to crank out this new single.

But the biggest change of all… our little family is growing! In may 2014, we will welcome our second child into the Ro family. Our first can’t wait to be a big sister!

If you have supported me by buying an album, tweeting a link, sharing a music video, coming to a gig – thank you. I hope this new song touches you. For the next couple years, family and school come first…but music will be part of OUR lives.

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September 18, 2013


The bus takes me where I need to be
Though slowly

And Eve delights in Jesus
And the moonlight
We’re both lonely

Passer-by steer clear of me, my dear
They hear me

Slumping shoulders reveal
Bad posture and all the wounds I need to heal
Hold me


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August 13, 2013

Kelowna date change

august22 The Friday, August 23rd gig at Good Earth Pandosy (Kelowna) has been moved to Saturday, August 24th. Sorry for any inconvenience! I will be playing from 7-10 pm. Three sets of originals and covers in the sunny Okanagan for y’all. Join me for beverages, community and music.

Thursday, August 22nd I am performing at Elite After 6 in Penticton. Johnny Magill will be opening up, then I will be doing two sets starting around 930. Looking forward to both of these gigs in the sunny valley where I grew up.

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August 10, 2013

Best Laid Plans

I dream big. Always have. Got nooooo problems seeing epic in my future. All the steps between where I am and where I want to be, those I’m not so good with.

Case in point: my goals for this year included a covers EP, one or two single releases, and an EP of christmas tunes. Also maybe a 7″ vinyl release? And next year was going to be a full 12″ vinyl album. I set a pretty ambitious 2013 ya’ll.

We’re doing a single. That is, I’m doing a single. But it’s never really just me even if the artist name is ‘Ryan Ro.’


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